Over the course of human history, mankind has achieved remarkable feats in the areas of the Arts, Medicine, Engineering, Governance, warfare and the likes. People like Einstein, Gandhi, Roosevelt, the Curies, Abraham Lincoln, and Darwin etc had to make tough choices for the rest of the human race to experience a better standard of living. This applies to trading as well as tough choice had to be made by legendary traders like Soros, Drunkenmiller who made quite a fortune trading currencies.

To succeed in any market, tough choices have to be made by the trader. Choices like the learning curve’s duration, patience, compounding profit over time, the investor’s attitude and the likes have to be mastered and mastery of these comes with the ultimate price, “TIME”.

A good trader plans his trade (analysis) as does a General; his battles before he goes to war. This is where tough choices have to be made, because when in a trade, you must stick to your own rules.


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