The human brain was designed to think and make decisions based on variables (input). These can range from internal (perceived thoughts) to external (Environmentals like sound, touch, vision and sight etc.)

This is the one defining factor between success and failure, but it has eluded the majority of humanity since the inception of trading.
This might sound a bit weird but it’s a fact. “You are where you are because of the choices you made”. It’s indeed a cold-fact.

Let me digress a little. Leadership is more of a decision-process than what entails in its perceived “call of duty”. Leaders have a plethora of advisers, emissaries, councils. These are to ensure and guarantee an abundance of a knowledge-based threshold when leadership demands for such to carry out the discharge of its duties. But the onus falls on leadership when a DECISION is to be made using these plethora as input variables. Note the keyword, “DECISION”.

Now back to the topic of discussion. Tough choices must be made every now and then; because we are at cross-roads for the most part of our mortal lives and we hardly realize that, but it’s our decision making processes/abilities that we rely heavily on to save the day. This is where destinies take shape, where dreams and aspirations get botched. This is the very threshold, the cross-over area where failure or success is guaranteed. It’s the cold-truth, but must be told.

In trading, decision making is encountered every now and then. Every time, we as traders keep asking these questions: Should i hit the BUY or SELL button? Should i hang-on for a little while before i trade the setup on the screen? I see a good opportunity right in front of me. Should i take advantage of it?

You should start looking at this topic with keen eyes as this affects not just your trading live, but your live in totality.





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